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About us

Goodprice.vn is the channel of trade promotion and business of imported and exported merchandise in Vietnam about prestige, after-sales service and customer care. It's the bridge of the commercial cooperation helping the Vietnamese trademark reach domestic and foreign consumers conveniently and effectively. It makes the commercial cooperation of domestic and international enterprises easier.

Goodprice.vn, the commercial channel, is a product of the joint-stock company of trade and services Global Good Price. In addition, Goodprice.vn is one of the businesses having a lot of experience in the field of import and export business, trade promotion in Vietnam.

Grasping the current needs of many enterprises, individuals, domestic and foreign business organizations desire to business cooperation as well as promoting the image of their enterprise to domestic and international consumers. Along with the knowledge and professional experience in commercial, international trade and e-commerce

Goodprice.vn is a combination of traditional and modern business areas which brings the most effective for users.

Only a mouse click, Comsumers of 65 provinces nationwide and over 200 countries worldwide can know all information of our company, products and services extremely easily, the cost is much cheaper but quite effective compared to other forms.
Introduction of www.goodprice.vn aims at popularizing im-export goods of domestic prestigious emterprises to consumers and international businessmen.

With the above target, Goodprice.vn provides some services that help you meet the following needs:

- Advertising services

- Customs brokers.

- Provision trade.

We are willing to be sales representatives to help domestic and international private enterprises to connect best. Use our services to have some developments in your business. Your success is our development.

Distributing Wholesale, Import and Export Products Channle Goodprice.vn

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